Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Case #1

I made one of my more permanent relocations a few days ago, into North Carolina. I will stay here for a few months. I need to get a job to regain my lost funds, and a place to sleep. Right now I am basically a hobo, sleeping on park benches and all that goodness.

The county I am in is in an uproar, many people have went missing lately. "Jack Caros," "Laura Stockings," "Christopher Ayelas," for example. This is partially what motivated me to stray from my rules. I did some research and am certain that most. if not all, of these people were taken (or worse) by noface. I shall begin to use a different style of writing from here onward, much like a novel, as it will give me much greater ability to describe events and such that would not be possible currently.

If any of you readers need advice or help, just ask me. That's what I am here for after all.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Looks like its time to break some rules and everything I stand by.

I have given it some thought, a lot of thought. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot continue with my previous ways and change must happen.

I have lived long using these methods, but it is a fearful and meaningless life if I continue that path. I had several defending arguments for why you must abide to these rules and if you stray, you will be killed. I argued with Leliel in REPORT 10 on this, I have tried to tell everyone to not fight him and to run. I was so strung up in survival I forgot the reason as to why I was surviving. I deluded myself into thinking I was something else.

If I keep running, I might as well be running from myself.

I am just laughing to myself right now, all that utter crap I kept saying to everyone when I didn't even really believe it myself. I am sorry everyone.

So if I am to stop running, then what will I do next? Simple. Help others who are being chased, I have a year and a half of experiences (which may or may not be real) that could be invaluable to helping others.

Having a goal... It truly does bring an indescribable feeling to me. I feel much better now.

Now that my demise is certain, let's hope I don't die too quickly now.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I am not even going to try and be badass and cover up my fear right now, I am 100% scared.

Lately I have been feeling worse and worse pain throughout my body, I wanted to go to a doctor and check it out but I DON'T HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE AND MY WALLET IS GONE.

My dreams are getting more and more symbolic as time goes on. (this might just be an average thing I dunno)

Every morning I wake up in a different place now. That HAS to be his work, but I don't know why he doesn't do anything else with me or how he can get me if I sleep higher than three stories. (no its not a proxy, I set up a system to tell if people enter my room and only Leliel tripped it off back in Ohio)

I sing my mantra in my head, "He cannot get me he cannot kill me." repeatedly, but due to my omega OCD tendencies I get intrusive thoughts and yadaydaydayda if you have OCD you can relate.


Leliel has cut off all contact with me, but left a note telling me that apparently the monster is "chasing him" and not me. Shamshel is probably dead or something. I have a nagging feel than I better start hauling ass soon. And worst of all I think my breath stinks.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Alrighty then, looks like I have around an hour of free time I can use to write on here.

Leliel is still "tagging" along. He gave me his knife yesterday, something about "how I need to protect myself" or something. I am willing to bet 100$ that I will lose this thing by next month.


You are all aware of how easily I get mad when psychological shit comes in to play with the slenderman, so expect plenty of bullshit ahead.

On... Wednesday? I think it was Wednesday. I woke up on my feet, in the middle of fucking Kentucky. Well right there that's a few things that are fucked up. 1:I don't sleepwalk. 2:I was just in OHIO for fucks sake.

At first I tried making sure I wasn't still sleeping by banging my head repeatedly into the nearest brick wall, added another bruise to my collection. So yeah, somehow I traveled through an entire state in my sleep. Wallet is gone, knife isn't for once. I still have some money in my bank account but that's a severe damper on my funds. I need to get a new license now too. I thought about heading back to my hotel in Ohio to see if it was still there, but Leliel phoned me up (he was still in Ohio) and told me all my shit was gone.

I can hardly call this a slenderblog if he never appears. Ah well, any break in activity sits well with me.

Side note, i'd just like to thank anyone reading this (goes to followers especially). I didn't even expect to get 10 followers in a year, it makes me kinda happy that people are watching my roller-coaster life.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Okay, I have found out that my phone can update this, just needs a wi-fi connection.

I have decided to let Leliel (I am going to ask him why the fuck his name is so odd) stick with me for a little bit. Just long enough to teach him the basic slenderknowledge and WHAT NOT TO DO. Then he can go fuck off and I wouldn't care anymore, but for now he is my responsibility. If he wasn't so fucking young I wouldn't give a shit in the first place (17 I think).

I keep remembering things that I don't remember happening at all. Ninety nine percent sure that this is a mindfuckery trick or I am just losing it by now.

For a while I contemplated on some possible theories, normal slender shit by now. I was starting to think of the possibility of multiple Slendermans, slendermen if you will. It would explain why so many are effected by him, maybe he's like Santa claus and can travel as fast as fucking sonic the hedgehog or some shit to be at three places at once. I think that is the most probably but the scariest at the same time. Another possibility is that he can be all TIMEY SPACEY WOOOOOO and do something to someone, then like go back in time or some shit and do it to someone else. Who fucking knows with this guy, he's a mixed bag of deceit and trickery if I ever knew it.

Life of a runner is much easier than the rest, but it sucks shit man. No time for videogames like the old days, no archive binging or anime marathons. All I do is sit around and make a schedule of the best way to not get buttfucked every corner. Other bloggers get to do EXCITING shit like try to be fucking doctors and study the slenderman for the 60000th time, all I do is run like a bitch.

Least I am still breathing.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bad week. Left Maine and wound up in Ohio somehow.

It is beginning to be extremely difficult to try and update, my previous laptop that I used for updating unfortunately broke in a rather comedic way. So now I am stuck with whatever I can scrounge up for updating with.

Happy news, haven't seen noface since forever now. Fears have now dwelt into a all time low and everything be okay for the moment. Watch me jinx myself now. WATCH ME.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Now this post will deal with the Slendermythos itself today.

With all the big names gone (anythingrelatedtosagesprettymuch) there hasn't been much activity. No one has really stepped up. The current Sages will probably not pass on their titles by the looks of it. We are kind of at a standstill. Nothing really happening, besidesthefactwearebeingchasedbyafacelessmonstrosityofcourse.

Makes me wonder who will become the new Zero or Zeke. I hope its somebody even better, but that's just dreaming right there.

I really don't have a fucking clue, badassery seems to increase with popularity, so until someone gets a couple thousand hits I bet we won't be seeing any major events happening.

REPORT #10 3

Now onto the actual report.

My gun is missing, it disappeared the day after my talk with Leliel. I know i'd probably never use it, but it was nice insurance. I have a habit of getting weapons and never using them apparently.

I went over and deleted my follow ups and REPORT #1. I decided that my memories could be easily fabricated as we are dealing with something supernatural and he is known for memory manipulation, therefor I believe that anything before the creation of this blog, any event, could be fake. John could've been fake, I don't know.

The tingling in my body has upped itself and is now more like pain, its bearable but if it gets any worse I shall have to arrange a doctor's appointment.

I have really been considering contacting other bloggers and seeing if I can add to my knowledge of slendertactics. Everyone else crossovers like its free crack so why not.

My anonymous commenter seems to have disappeared, sadly, I kind of liked him.

Not much else to say. Leliel wants to team up with me and leave Maine any second now, I have a feeling he will be coming along even if I say no.

I really need to go wash my clothes, its been around two months since I last took a shower.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

REPORT #10 2

"Okay, how the hell did you travel from wherever the fuck you lived to Maine?" I asked.

"Well I wasn't too far away, Assachusetts isn't across the country you know." Replied Leliel.

I walked towards him and popped a few quarters into the soda machine.

"Why the hell does everyone gotta be so damn vague about any type of messaging around me? Shamshel did the same and has went off the deep end and he hasn't updated in a while."

Leliel shook in his seat and looked down at the ground.

"I wiped my blog... I don't know how to deal with this man." Leliel told me, he sounded oddly serious.

The soda machine dispensed a fresh Coca Cola, I took it and broke the seal.

"That seems to be the most common response. 'I don't know what to do.' Well, I am still searching for the answer myself. Right now I focus on minimal confrontation and getting in and out of places. I have already stayed in Maine for longer than I should have."

I took a seat next to him and held the can in front of him.

"Care for a sip?"

He did not respond. If anyone happened to look upon the scene I imagine it would be pretty funny. Ghostface offering a ex-swat a can of cola in the middle of night. Makes as much sense as it sounds.

I was not sure how to offer advice, I had no real idea what I was doing and so couldn't tell him what to do or go.

The air began to feel very chilly and I had not put on much. Thank goodness for the fact I always wear gloves or else i'd be short a few digits now. We both shivered in our seats.

"How long do you plan on doing it? Running, I mean." Leliel at last said.

"As long as I can. I thought you were well versed in the Mythos. Anyone who stops, dies, anyone who isn't fast enough dies, anyone fucking retarded enough to FIGHT it dies. I have looked for an alternative and I can't find anything solid and reliable."

After that, we both sat long in thought. Neither wanting to restart the conversation.

"I can tell you are the type who wants to fight instead of flee," I said.

"Some true advice, which you probably have heard before. Fighting him is like trying to break down a mountain using solely your nose. Its impossible. I know its been said over a thousand times by many different people, you need to have it drilled into your memory and keep it as fact."

Leliel then looked at me, or so I thought, hard to tell with the mask, and stood up.

"It's hard, its obvious that if I stay, I die, but if I run, I believe I will be extending a death sentence. Tell me, do you plan on running for your entire life?"

God damn it, the eternal question. Early into my haunting I also thought of this. I assume everyone else does.

"There is no answer, you know this."

And once more we slipped into silence. I had considered breaking neutrality and forming a team with Leliel before. He's a good person, but his mind is wrapped in confusion and it clouds his actions.

"Its getting cold, or rather, too cold for my liking. You have legitimate questions that, frankly, no one can answer except yourself. Are you staying in Maine for long?" I asked as I stood up as well and stuffed my hands into my pockets.

"My plan was to come to Maine and have a chat with you, that is completed. Now I think I shall stick with you. Just for a little bit though, until I can decide on what to do."

And with that, we parted for the night.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Got quite a bit of things to cover here. In a hurry so I won't be doing a full report like i'd want to.

I received an email a while ago before my internet went out, it came from a temporary email address and in a nutshell told me to go to a specific park near where my hotel is at 4 AM. First thing I thought was "God fucking damn it please don't tell me I have a new stalker friend no way in hell am I going there."

But I still went, not to meet this unknown bastard, but to do a little recon myself and see what he looked like and to maybe pop a cap in his ass before he could turn into a potential threat.

The park was very small and had no one else in it, but a single hooded figure sitting on a bench next to a soda machine. I tried to get a glimpse of his face but he seemed to be hiding it from view. I first tried to get in closer by circling around the bushes and looking from the side. Something seemed to be sticking out of his hoodie.

"Hey, you're a real shitty ninja," a raspy and slightly muffled voice said.

Immediately I sprung up from the bushes and aimed my gun at him. Probably not a good idea normally but I made sure there were nobody in yelling distance to watch me possibly light up the place.

"Woah, nigga don't shoot at me. I ain't no proxy." He said a bit louder, holding back a laugh.

I lowered my gun slightly, but still kept a firm grasp on it. "For starters, who are you?"

"You can't tell? I am Leliel man." He responded, and pulled down his hood. He was wearing a gas mask of some type.

I felt like an idiot, he was wearing classic runner gear. I was still wearing my Ghostface mask and HoS hoodie on the spot too, no idea why it didn't hit me.

"Why the FUCK didn't you specify that in the email?" I said as I popped the safety back on and put the gun in the pocket of my hoodie.

"Now that I think about it, that would have been a good idea."

"No shit sherlock"

Continued in part 2.

Saturday, August 25, 2012



I feel this odd feeling nonstop ever since I was "Mind attacked" in New York, it feels like a slight strain on every muscle I have, its just a minor annoyance but I better be cautious and see if this is a side effect of Slendery stuff, like that cough some people develop.

I have been on the move for a year now as I said, if its a sickness i'd probably have picked it up sooner, considering the retarded shit I used to pull. Anyway, my money supply is running kind of low. I need to pick up another job soon.

But yeah, I can't ward off these memories. They bug the hell out of me. Intrusive thoughts are not a fun thing.

Late birthday present, another box on my doorstep. Inside was, AMMUNITIONS! Couple boxes of bullets, which I assume is from the previous unknown sender. I feel a lot safer by having a loaded gun at my side. I planned on faking an ID to get some but well fuck that.

All in all not too bad.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012



I feel more paranoid lately, every time I turn my head I think I catch a glimpse of something. No odd dreams though. I haven't seen him since New York but I know he's seen me. What move can he pull next? I can't tell if he is still trying to mindrape me or will try and kill me next time.

Maybe i'll get around to writing another followup soon, but it really hurts to be reminded of my stupidity and such as I usually bury memories like those. Shamshel is fucking apeshit at the moment, I don't even know anything about that.

Not much has happened in other mythos news, Jay from MH hasn't updated since August 8th, more blogs are appearing though. To me thats a good and bad thing.

Oh, today's my birthday, almost forgot. Yay for me. I'll be sure to celebrate and pray to live to the next one.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Just been thinking lately. My entire life right now is devoted to surviving, but what future lies in that? What's the point in continuing, I have no real "goal". If I keep running, I will live. But it will be an empty life. I live to live, basically. I need to find a purpose, i'm not going to stop running or anything. I just need a clear goal. Every other blog had a type of plot driving overarching mission or duty. I just run and tell stories about how fucking stupid I am. I don't try to save people, I don't try to kill it, I don't try to experiment with it any more. I am nearly worthless. I can't really explain it, its just one of those things you have to experience.

Right now, I need to focus on... Well damn, not a lot to focus on.

Just noticed I got a new follower, Doctor Mengele. Not entirely sure thats good.

Thursday, August 16, 2012



I opened the box yesterday, inside was a
, wait for it, PISTOL, Yaaaaayyyyyy, looks like someone found out I had no weapon. Its a mass produced ass copy of a MC96 though, I don't even care its a weapon. But it came with no ammunition, like what the hell? I can't waltz in and buy ammo for it, not old enough yet. God damn, I needed some self defense and I got my wish half fulfilled.

In other news, let me tell you what happened today.

Went to pick up some supplies, I hadn't eaten since I got to Maine. Decided to go have a detour to a Mcdonald's to hold me over until I get some real food. As I walk back out, someone leaped out of assfuck nowhere and grabbed my bag before running faster than the speed of sound.

Damn it, bad part of town. Always the bad part of town.


Since you are ninety nine percent to get wrecked in a slender encounter alone, I plan on defying my "Lone wolf" rule slightly, if I can meet some people, form like a squad or something, we might have a higher chance of survival. I am still attempting to find Shamshel but he is a cryptic fucker and can't do anything non vaguely. Must be a side effect of working with it.

No follow up yet, I don't feel like writing.

Thursday, August 9, 2012



Short update.

Arrived in Maine a bit ago, got a package on my doorstep. Not sure if I should open it, I don't want to set off a bomb or release toxic gas.

Lately my body has been feeling sore, especially my left arm for some reason. Still no signs of a "Slender-sickness" people sometimes get.

Also, I looked in a mirror for the first time in a while and saw a strange marking on the side of my neck, not entirely sure how it got there.

This box is so tempting man, I gotta find a way to open it safely.

Not much else happened, maybe I should be glad, considering what happened a few days ago.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012



What rhymes with shoes and often gives you the blues? Thats right, its time for the news.

Slap my leg and call me a tallywapper, I almost messed up bad.

Here I am strolling through a park like the KKK in the hood (Okay thats a bad joke i'm sorry) in New York, minding my own business, when I start to feel a tingle throughout my body, similiar to when a limb falls asleep due to blood vessels being constricted. It escalated as I continue to walk to the point where it feels like i'm being jabbed by a knife in my head. I stumbled to the nearest tree and put my back up against it, I thought if I ceased moving and rested for a moment it would go away. My lungs feel as if they are shrinking and my mouth is dry. As a child I had semi-frequent bouts of heat exhaustion similar to this (Only, that was because I overworked myself and was severely underweight.) A young man approaches me, sees my weak state and asks me if I am okay. I try to tell him that I simply overworked myself but it came out as "Barlgofendurryopfep."

He let me have a sip of his water bottle and my god it was heavenly, it was like as if it rained on the desert in my body. I thanked the man and started to close my eyes. My body had calmed down and the pain faded as I drifted into unconsciousness. I am in my home, holding a picture frame, looking at my family picture. Tears begin to well up in my eyes at the sight. The picture starts to distort and change, everyone's faces seem to erase themselves, the picture gradually loses its light and was corrupted. I dropped it in fear and started to run. "Is that all you can do is Run? Where are you running to?" I heard a voice say in my head, it reminded me of someone, but sick and twisted. I open the door to the outside world only to see a vast expanse of nothingness. "Are you happy? Do you really think your life is more valuable than others?" The voice asked, this time it was... Distorted to a sort, it sounded artificial. The floor beneath me dissipated and I fell. My mind stopped working, it was too full of confusion to do anything at the moment, much less decipher the situation. My fall slowed itself until I began to float.

It felt oddly peaceful here. It felt like I was having lapses of unconsciousness here as well as I remember closing my eyes and opening them to see new things that weren't there before. I see... A hand. A ghostly hand before me. It leaves a trail of dread and fear as it moved closer to my head. It makes a "Picking" gesture and passes through my skull, yanks back something indescribable and I reel in pain before it snaps off the part connected to me. I open my eyes and see I am in the park once more, and in the distance at the tree line I see... Him. God fucking damn it. He stood tall in the shade with his hands behind him in the classic pose we all know and love. Children played games and ran right past him without noticing. Unsure of what to do I did what I do best. Run as fast as I can. Where am I running? Anywhere he isn't at.

What just happened you may ask? Nothing but pure bullshit. Mindgames yet again. It is pointless and I don't suggest trying to make sense of it, its just fabricated as an attack on my sanity by trying to bring out my insecurities and flaws. I almost didn't post this because how utterly stupid it is, dreams mean nothing and should never be considered otherwise.

I may seem a little grumpy at the subject, its just that dreams usually have significance in stories but here it is just trying to delude me. I can't even give it another thought. Just, please, don't fall for his mindgames, don't pay them any attention, they will intrude your thought pattern and won't go away. This is absolutely vital in maintaining sanity.

I don't like the way I wrote this, but I felt it was the best way to detail what I saw. I usually stick with barebasic detail.

Also, he tries to make the mindgames personal. That's why so many snap after a while.

I feel more confident now, withstanding sanity attacks were easy once I discovered the mindset that they are trying to break me, if I fall to them I lose. I cannot lose, but I have to be careful as hubris can lead to underestimating and taking unneccessary risks. I think I am coping well so far though.

He goes for your sanity first, he doesn't aim to kill at first because he wants to recruit people. If he realizes he can't break you, he'll try to end you. He seems to try to mix it up every week for me.

Need to leave New York soon, I think i've stayed too long.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

REPORT #3 and #4



No recent activity from Faceless in a few weeks, I should be glad but it only makes me wonder what he's up too. Not entirely sure if good or bad. I have kept a job as a cashier in an attempt to earn a little extra money in case my alloded funds are dried. I practically survive on beans and low amounts of fruit so food isn't a major money problem, but travelling is. I remember one time, a month or two after I was Chosen, I was all rallied up from the events that took place during Late 2010 and Early-to-Mid 2011 so I devised another plan to kill Noface. It ended with me having a broken leg and my psyche nearly destroyed. First thing I did was take a plane to California. Robert was right, planes feel so peaceful and natural. But anyway thats enough rambling.

I only need to worry about him, I have never met a "Proxy" or anything, which I find odd as everyone else seemed to have one. Once again, not sure if its a good or bad thing. The lack of Slender-activity has allowed me to ease off my defense and enjoy life a little more, I actually went and socialized with some people. As I said in R#2 I don't like social interaction but it helps sanity immensely. I was told I looked like fermented shit, not too surprising. I get around four hours of sleep, never brush my teeth, never wash my clothes, I don't care about my appearance. I care about survival. But yeah, fun times all around. I kind of forgot how life was before Ol' Faceless. No this doesn't change anything, I won't try to fight him, if anything this makes me want to avoid him even more.

I am glad I have lived this long, no regrets or desire to stop, so many have been killed before. I can only give them my greatest sympathy, only a small percentage can endure the torture. Agh... Not suppose to take sides. Never again, only leads to trouble.

I'm also glad I made this blog, just writing about it seems to help me. I don't care if anyone reads it but just doing this helps.other people and maybe form a team.

I also google'd my last name and found THIS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belial. "It is also a term used to characterize or embody immense wickedness of iniquity." "But for corruption thou hast made Belial, an angel of hostility. All his dominions are in darkness, and his purpose is to bring about wickedness and guilt. All the spirits that are associated with him are but angels of destruction." Well that's a wonderful last name for sure. Just confirms that names have no greater meaning or anything.

I'm sorry, i'm just talking about unrelated things now. I find it difficult to keep on topic some times.

I apologize, this isn't much of a report. I just need to get a few things off my chest.



Another update everyone.

I was told by an anonymous commentor that a mask and hoodie is classy runner shit and it helps sanity. So why the fuck not, I need every possible advantage I can get right about now. Went on a little shopping spree and got me a Hero of Space hoodie and a Ghostface mask. I look hilariously retarded with them on at the same time.

Lately there has been a shortage of blogs compared to the surge of 2009-2011. Pretty sure everyone from '09 and '10 are dead/insane/proxified. Not finding a lot of fellow 2011 survivors. Does this mean that we have drastically lost numbers?

Anyway, NO slendertivity at all for a month. He's planning something, he HAS to. I believe myself to be somewhat savvy, so I wont let my guard down.

Friday, July 27, 2012


Bonus post, this time i'll discuss a little about survival in the slenderworld.

You WILL get fucked up hard, physically and mentally. get stabbed or shot? No worries, the hospital can heal you up in three days!

Get mindraped into insanity? Never fear, your insanity will end soon because apparently the second you lose your touch on reality Selndrbob appears to wisp you away!

But no, it doesn't work like that. If you are physically wounded, the ambulance isn't always at your side. You won't magically heal up quick either.

Mental? Lets just leave the concept of "insanity" behind. If you doubt yourself. Even a little bit. You are losing. it means you are insecure. Become secure. Make your mind a locked safe with no combonation or key.

I never suggest "Fighting" Noface, its a pointless battle. I know I know, " But i'm different! He can't kill me!" I thought the same, and because of my reckless actions I indirectly led many people to their deaths. Please, don't be an idiot like me. You can fight back by running. All I do is run, I no longer conduct tests either, too risky. I have lived a long time and am not in much danger because of this.

An addendum will be a side post that I feel doesn't fit in a report or followup, just something of its own I will post whenever.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


"You never quite know what your getting into until its too late"

Words I lived by for most of my life, this blog is no exception.

Due to some difficulties explained in earlier posts, I deleted most of my posts and the introduction. Looks like its time to stop procrastinating and redo it.

This blog started out as a runnerblog (and still is) with me posting REPORTS, a week by week detailing what events happened during that week, and "Followups" (Detailing random parts of the year before this blog) for every REPORT I posted.

After many events I cancelled the "Followup" series because I did not trust my memories. Any memories that are not detailed here I do not trust. I have seen many many instances where the Slenderman could manipulate memories, and while I am not 100% sure I will not be taking chances.

Recap done, onto proper introduction.

My name is Adam (as you can plainly see) and I am a Runner, cladded in my Hero of Space hoodie and my Ghostface mask I try to NOT DIE at every corner, and so far it has worked. I had been running for around a year and a half prior to the creation of this blog. I have had the fortunate luck of never meeting a single "Proxy" in my slendercareer. Just me and ol' faceless.

That's basically all you need to know, I don't have a lot of time on my hands right now.

This post used to be REPORT #3 but I had to edit it because BLOGGER WON'T LET ME REARRANGE POSTS.