Saturday, October 6, 2012

REPORT #10 3

Now onto the actual report.

My gun is missing, it disappeared the day after my talk with Leliel. I know i'd probably never use it, but it was nice insurance. I have a habit of getting weapons and never using them apparently.

I went over and deleted my follow ups and REPORT #1. I decided that my memories could be easily fabricated as we are dealing with something supernatural and he is known for memory manipulation, therefor I believe that anything before the creation of this blog, any event, could be fake. John could've been fake, I don't know.

The tingling in my body has upped itself and is now more like pain, its bearable but if it gets any worse I shall have to arrange a doctor's appointment.

I have really been considering contacting other bloggers and seeing if I can add to my knowledge of slendertactics. Everyone else crossovers like its free crack so why not.

My anonymous commenter seems to have disappeared, sadly, I kind of liked him.

Not much else to say. Leliel wants to team up with me and leave Maine any second now, I have a feeling he will be coming along even if I say no.

I really need to go wash my clothes, its been around two months since I last took a shower.

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