Sunday, October 28, 2012


Okay, I have found out that my phone can update this, just needs a wi-fi connection.

I have decided to let Leliel (I am going to ask him why the fuck his name is so odd) stick with me for a little bit. Just long enough to teach him the basic slenderknowledge and WHAT NOT TO DO. Then he can go fuck off and I wouldn't care anymore, but for now he is my responsibility. If he wasn't so fucking young I wouldn't give a shit in the first place (17 I think).

I keep remembering things that I don't remember happening at all. Ninety nine percent sure that this is a mindfuckery trick or I am just losing it by now.

For a while I contemplated on some possible theories, normal slender shit by now. I was starting to think of the possibility of multiple Slendermans, slendermen if you will. It would explain why so many are effected by him, maybe he's like Santa claus and can travel as fast as fucking sonic the hedgehog or some shit to be at three places at once. I think that is the most probably but the scariest at the same time. Another possibility is that he can be all TIMEY SPACEY WOOOOOO and do something to someone, then like go back in time or some shit and do it to someone else. Who fucking knows with this guy, he's a mixed bag of deceit and trickery if I ever knew it.

Life of a runner is much easier than the rest, but it sucks shit man. No time for videogames like the old days, no archive binging or anime marathons. All I do is sit around and make a schedule of the best way to not get buttfucked every corner. Other bloggers get to do EXCITING shit like try to be fucking doctors and study the slenderman for the 60000th time, all I do is run like a bitch.

Least I am still breathing.

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