Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Case #1

I made one of my more permanent relocations a few days ago, into North Carolina. I will stay here for a few months. I need to get a job to regain my lost funds, and a place to sleep. Right now I am basically a hobo, sleeping on park benches and all that goodness.

The county I am in is in an uproar, many people have went missing lately. "Jack Caros," "Laura Stockings," "Christopher Ayelas," for example. This is partially what motivated me to stray from my rules. I did some research and am certain that most. if not all, of these people were taken (or worse) by noface. I shall begin to use a different style of writing from here onward, much like a novel, as it will give me much greater ability to describe events and such that would not be possible currently.

If any of you readers need advice or help, just ask me. That's what I am here for after all.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Looks like its time to break some rules and everything I stand by.

I have given it some thought, a lot of thought. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot continue with my previous ways and change must happen.

I have lived long using these methods, but it is a fearful and meaningless life if I continue that path. I had several defending arguments for why you must abide to these rules and if you stray, you will be killed. I argued with Leliel in REPORT 10 on this, I have tried to tell everyone to not fight him and to run. I was so strung up in survival I forgot the reason as to why I was surviving. I deluded myself into thinking I was something else.

If I keep running, I might as well be running from myself.

I am just laughing to myself right now, all that utter crap I kept saying to everyone when I didn't even really believe it myself. I am sorry everyone.

So if I am to stop running, then what will I do next? Simple. Help others who are being chased, I have a year and a half of experiences (which may or may not be real) that could be invaluable to helping others.

Having a goal... It truly does bring an indescribable feeling to me. I feel much better now.

Now that my demise is certain, let's hope I don't die too quickly now.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I am not even going to try and be badass and cover up my fear right now, I am 100% scared.

Lately I have been feeling worse and worse pain throughout my body, I wanted to go to a doctor and check it out but I DON'T HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE AND MY WALLET IS GONE.

My dreams are getting more and more symbolic as time goes on. (this might just be an average thing I dunno)

Every morning I wake up in a different place now. That HAS to be his work, but I don't know why he doesn't do anything else with me or how he can get me if I sleep higher than three stories. (no its not a proxy, I set up a system to tell if people enter my room and only Leliel tripped it off back in Ohio)

I sing my mantra in my head, "He cannot get me he cannot kill me." repeatedly, but due to my omega OCD tendencies I get intrusive thoughts and yadaydaydayda if you have OCD you can relate.


Leliel has cut off all contact with me, but left a note telling me that apparently the monster is "chasing him" and not me. Shamshel is probably dead or something. I have a nagging feel than I better start hauling ass soon. And worst of all I think my breath stinks.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Alrighty then, looks like I have around an hour of free time I can use to write on here.

Leliel is still "tagging" along. He gave me his knife yesterday, something about "how I need to protect myself" or something. I am willing to bet 100$ that I will lose this thing by next month.


You are all aware of how easily I get mad when psychological shit comes in to play with the slenderman, so expect plenty of bullshit ahead.

On... Wednesday? I think it was Wednesday. I woke up on my feet, in the middle of fucking Kentucky. Well right there that's a few things that are fucked up. 1:I don't sleepwalk. 2:I was just in OHIO for fucks sake.

At first I tried making sure I wasn't still sleeping by banging my head repeatedly into the nearest brick wall, added another bruise to my collection. So yeah, somehow I traveled through an entire state in my sleep. Wallet is gone, knife isn't for once. I still have some money in my bank account but that's a severe damper on my funds. I need to get a new license now too. I thought about heading back to my hotel in Ohio to see if it was still there, but Leliel phoned me up (he was still in Ohio) and told me all my shit was gone.

I can hardly call this a slenderblog if he never appears. Ah well, any break in activity sits well with me.

Side note, i'd just like to thank anyone reading this (goes to followers especially). I didn't even expect to get 10 followers in a year, it makes me kinda happy that people are watching my roller-coaster life.