Sunday, September 30, 2012


Got quite a bit of things to cover here. In a hurry so I won't be doing a full report like i'd want to.

I received an email a while ago before my internet went out, it came from a temporary email address and in a nutshell told me to go to a specific park near where my hotel is at 4 AM. First thing I thought was "God fucking damn it please don't tell me I have a new stalker friend no way in hell am I going there."

But I still went, not to meet this unknown bastard, but to do a little recon myself and see what he looked like and to maybe pop a cap in his ass before he could turn into a potential threat.

The park was very small and had no one else in it, but a single hooded figure sitting on a bench next to a soda machine. I tried to get a glimpse of his face but he seemed to be hiding it from view. I first tried to get in closer by circling around the bushes and looking from the side. Something seemed to be sticking out of his hoodie.

"Hey, you're a real shitty ninja," a raspy and slightly muffled voice said.

Immediately I sprung up from the bushes and aimed my gun at him. Probably not a good idea normally but I made sure there were nobody in yelling distance to watch me possibly light up the place.

"Woah, nigga don't shoot at me. I ain't no proxy." He said a bit louder, holding back a laugh.

I lowered my gun slightly, but still kept a firm grasp on it. "For starters, who are you?"

"You can't tell? I am Leliel man." He responded, and pulled down his hood. He was wearing a gas mask of some type.

I felt like an idiot, he was wearing classic runner gear. I was still wearing my Ghostface mask and HoS hoodie on the spot too, no idea why it didn't hit me.

"Why the FUCK didn't you specify that in the email?" I said as I popped the safety back on and put the gun in the pocket of my hoodie.

"Now that I think about it, that would have been a good idea."

"No shit sherlock"

Continued in part 2.

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