Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Case #1

I made one of my more permanent relocations a few days ago, into North Carolina. I will stay here for a few months. I need to get a job to regain my lost funds, and a place to sleep. Right now I am basically a hobo, sleeping on park benches and all that goodness.

The county I am in is in an uproar, many people have went missing lately. "Jack Caros," "Laura Stockings," "Christopher Ayelas," for example. This is partially what motivated me to stray from my rules. I did some research and am certain that most. if not all, of these people were taken (or worse) by noface. I shall begin to use a different style of writing from here onward, much like a novel, as it will give me much greater ability to describe events and such that would not be possible currently.

If any of you readers need advice or help, just ask me. That's what I am here for after all.


  1. what happened to aaron over at the only issue

    1. His last post was in October, I doubt he's been killed but if he doesn't update soon he might be.

  2. and yourself, adam?

    I see my...alter ego still speaks to you as well. I suppose some things never change.

    Black King, White King, Jester and Fool

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